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Your Wealth Curve is Trending in the Right Direction!

You are working toward financial goals and have proactively prepared for any financial pressures you may encounter—nice work! But would you like to accumulate more wealth at a faster rate? Have you considered retiring at an earlier age? These are all items your Wealth Curve Blueprint can address. It will show you opportunities and deficiencies found in your current financial plan.  I’m a strong advocate for creating a new blueprint each year to compare it year by year to assess the progress. Consider the most important 90-day action items and any modifications you see fit to alter your financial plan to put you on an even stronger path. Your Wealth Curve Score Card then serves as a powerful tool highlighting where your plan is strongest and where it may need special attention. This allows you to see how your current plan will react if you adjust any number of variables including college tuition, retiring early, or unforeseen medical bills. 

At Smallwood Wealth Management, we host the Wealth Curve Talk Podcast, a weekly podcast to inform individuals about the key components in a financial plan. This is a great way for you to remain confident in your wealth goals and plan. If you are interested in discussing your financial plan in more detail, reach out to us today for confidence in your wealth building strategies!

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