You should expect your retirement to last longer than you originally thought it would, cost more than you've imagined and planned for, and require different financial strategies than anybody else is talking to you about.

This powerful truth lead John to begin conducting his free Retire ASAP seminars as a way of educating members of the community who are nearing the end of their retirement planning. Far too often he saw hardworking people nearing retirement with inadequate planning and using traditional methods that jeopordized their income.

The Retire ASAP workshop is a valuable 2.5 hour crash-course that walks you through common pitfalls seen by John during his more than 26 years of experience as a certified financial planner.

Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll get from attending the Retire ASAP Workshop:

  • The 3 facts EVERYONE must know as they get close to retirement
  • Discover the 6 goals of planning that will help you retire safely and securely
  • The 5 common obstacles to overcome while planning your financial future
  • Learn how to calculate your safe withdrawal rate to protect your funding resources as well as their longevity
  • How to maximize the 5 most popular retirement income sources to ensure they last as long as possible
  • Why traditional methods of retirement planning jeopardize your income and what to do NOW to prevent an income shortfall
  • The many, many secrets to retiring as soon as possible without worrying about money, having to work, or sacrificing the lifestyle you’ve always wanted


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