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It’s Your Wealth-Keep It

The Definitive Guide to Growing, Protecting, Enjoying, and Passing On Your Wealth

John Smallwood’s outlook on financial planning and wealth management started very early. When he was in college, he began interviewing people about their ability to earn income and plan for retirement. He says of the experience, “The story about the average working person’s wealth really began to help me see that people in the workforce were woefully underprepared for what was coming and really not aware of how much money they would need for all the future obligations they want to achieve—college, weddings, retirement, just life in general.”

Many financial strategies are insufficient to help individuals reach their full financial potential because they look at a very narrow set of variables. But by blending strategies and products tailored for each client’s unique needs, wealth management maximizes the efficiency of every dollar.

In It’s Your Wealth—Keep It, readers will learn how wealth management is designed to help you grow, safeguard, and keep your wealth. Instead of focusing on one kind of investment, readers learn how to look at the variables and how changing one or more of those variables can have on their wealth management plan. Part of that strategy is understanding how to minimize the impact of market volatility on your wealth.

Everyone’s financial situation is different, and everyone’s financial plan should also be different. Smallwood’s book takes a deep dive into existing plans to help readers learn how to create their own financial work of art by evaluating past and current circumstances, then chiseling away what doesn’t work.

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